Do you have a son or daughter currently preparing for GCSEs, AS- A- Levels, IB or BTEC Exams? Whatever exam it may be, it is usually very stressful for most of them. You might find that they are a bit more moody than usual, complaining about neck-, shoulder pain and even headaches. I have three daughters myself, two of whom are soon to sit exams, so believe me I know what it is like.

Unintentially when we are stressed we tend to tense our shoulders by schrugging them or we just do not pay attention to our posture. How many of you have children sitting in the sofa with their laptop on their knees? Actually, most of us probably do that that sometimes…

A 30 minute massage for neck, shoulders and back may do wonders to help realeasing some of that tension causing the pain which in turn may make them feel so much better, more relaxed and even improve their mood a bit.

It is definitely worth trying.

If you have any questions, please give me a call.