Are you one of the 20.6 million people in Britain who suffer from chronic pain but with no known cause?  Are you being prescribed painkillers to ease the pain?

I was very pleased when reading the news this morning by Kate Gibbons for Sunday Times . The new guidance from NICE (the National institute for Health and Care Excellence), who advises the NHS on treatments, has done clinical trials showing that the prescriptions of drugs such as  different painkillers, can cause both harm and addiction. It advises GPs to prescribe alternative treatments such as acupuncture and exercises,  CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) and mindfullness was also mentioned on the news this afternoon. This is increadible good news!   However they must have forgotten to mention massage therapy….

I truly believe massage therapy can be a very good alternative for many as a means of managing their chronic pain. It is definitely worth a try.

Please contact me and we can book you in for a consultation and treatment to see if it can help you. I still have a few appointments available next week – just send me a message here. 

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