On Sunday the streets of London will be crowded with over 37500 elite runners, amateurs and celebrities running the 32nd London Marathon. Hopefully the weather will be better than what the forcast of rainy spells and gusts of wind….

Make sure you wear warm clothes when waiting at the start and waterproofs if it is raining. I would recommend you to go and get some cheap shirts and waterproofs that you can ditch as soon as you get going and have warmed up. If you have friends and family supporting you along the course, you could always ask them to hand you a dry shirt along.

Do not forget to cool down properly after the race as it will speed up the recovery. The best thing would be to try to get a post-event massage on site shortly after the race. There are lots of sport massage thereapists volunteering for different charities offering this service.

If you can’t manage to get one on Sunday try to go and see someone locally within 48 hours of the race. It will not only give you a phsycological boost but will allow you to recover quicker.

Benefits of Post-Event Massage:

  • calms down the nervous system – releasing tension in the muscles
  • flushes out and removes the build up of toxins and metabolic waste
  • re-establishes the range of motion in your joints by lenghtening and spreading tight muscles.
  • restores blood flow to muscles to promote faster healing
  • reduces the risk of delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS)

If YOU are running on Sunday – I wish you GOOD LUCK!!