Hi everyone,

I hope you are staying healthy and are coping well. Some of you are probably back working but many of you will be in the same position as I am who are not able to work yet. I remain hopeful I will be able to open my clinic again latest on the 4th of July.

Today I wanted to post this blog to assure you that when I open my doors again it will be safe to come and see me.

I maintain high standards of both personal and clinical hygiene at all times in order to protect myself, my clients and others from infectious agents, including bacteria, viruses, fungal infections as well as cross contamination. However, until Covid-19 is no longer considered a threat to us all, I will be taking extra precautions to keep my clients safe.

I may take my customers temperature on arrival to the clinic.

I will leave 20 minute time in between appointments to clean all surfaces my customers may have come in contact with. This includes, the doorbell, all door handles, the payment device, the massage couch and face cradle, bolsters as well as any equipment used during the massage. Towels and couch covers will be changed and I will be using disposable face cradle covers.

Hand hygienics has always been of utmost important for me. In addition to washing my hands I will also be using hand sanitiser. I will be asking my customer to do the same before the treatment. Soap and hand sanitiser (with 70% alcohol) is of course provided for everybody onsite. I will not be wearing gloves unless my customer suffer from a wound, lesion, broken skin or a contagious skin problem or if I am required to do so by the government. However should my customers prefer me wearing gloves, I will be happy to do so. Gloves will also be provided for my customers should they wish to wear them.

I will be wearing a disposable face mask during the appointment and will provide a face mask for my customers should they wish to wear one.

I will be changing my shirt in between every appointment

All waste products and PPE will be disposed of safely after each appointment

I will be extra cautions treating anyone 70 years of age and above, pregnant women and those with underlying health conditions. Should you belong to this group I kindly ask you to contact me by email or phone so that we can discuss how to proceed. It may be safer to have consultation over the phone to see how I may be able to help you remotely with tips and exercises.

I will be asking my customers to please reschedule their treatment should they have a temperature or feel unwell prior or on the day of the scheduled appointment or if they have been in contact with someone having Covid-19 14 days prior to their appointment. Normally I ask my customers to cancel/or reschedule an appointment no later than 48 hours before their treatment but in this case I will appreciate and accept short notice cancellations and rescheduling. At the same time I may have to reschedule my customers’ appointments should this apply to me.

I have all the PPE I need and I am ready to open up my clinic as soon as the Government allows me to do so.

I look forward to welcoming you back soon. Please contact me if you need advise on exercises to help with any stiffness, pain or discomfort. I would be happy to help.

Stay safe and I will keep you updated.