Why does my tummy rumble during massage?

I have so many clients apologising for their "noisy" stomach during massage. I hear "sorry, I just had breakfast" or "sorry, but I did not have any lunch". Has this happened to you? Don’t worry, it is actually a good thing! It means your autonomic nervous system is...

Would you want to get regular Massage at Work?

You might already have read on my website about all the benefits Seated Acupressure Massage can have both for the employer and employees. But if not, here is a bit of a reminder: it is revitalising and energizing relaxing promotes a sense of wellbeing relieves muscle...

The forgotten Inner Thigh Muscles – the Adductors

The addutors may be the most overlooked muscles we have. They consist of five muscles of the inner thigh that connect to the pelvis - the Gracilis, the Pectineus, the Adductor Magnus, Adductor Brevis and Adductor Longus. Their action is mainly to move your inner thigh...

Surrey Half Marathon 2016

I managed to finish the Surrey Marathon today in 1hr 53min!! I am quite proud of myself as my set goal was to get under 2hrs. I did not think I would make it as I have been suffering from from a heel spur causing retrocaneal bursitis. But, miraculously, I was not only...

Pregnancy Massage in Cobham

I have a Diploma in Pregnancy Massage and can see pregnant ladies as of their 2nd trimester. I am very excited about this and hope this side of my business will grow. I really wish I had known about pregnancy massage and all its’ benefits 16 years ago when I was...

Post-Event Massage

On Sunday the streets of London will be crowded with over 37500 elite runners, amateurs and celebrities running the 32nd London Marathon. Hopefully the weather will be better than what the forcast of rainy spells and gusts of wind…. Make sure you wear warm clothes...

My energy boost in the morning

I am so excited about my NUTRiBULLET - I absolutely love it and so does the rest of the family. It costs about 100 pounds which is not too bad. It is really easy to clean in comparison to a blender or a juicer. You decide the thickness of your smoothie by adding more...

My experience with Achilles Bursitis

I have not been very good blogging for a while… Thought I tell you about my experience with Achilles Buritis. Four years ago I begun having really bad pain in my right achilles - it was very sore and tender around my heal and a bit spongy. I ignored it and kept...

Do you have a Frozen Shoulder?

I went on a brilliant workshop a couple of weekends ago on “Massage Therapy for Frozen Shoulder & Related Conditions” at the Middlesex School of Complementary Medicine. It was a very practical workshop and I got lots of new treatment techniques to take home with...

4 years ago
Learn the ONE Stretch That Relieves Plantar Fasciitis, Shin Splints, Achilles Pain, Heel Pain and Compartment Syndrome | Mobility Mastery

Learn the ONE Stretch That Relieves Plantar Fasciitis, Shin Splints, Achilles Pain, Heel Pain and Compartment Syndrome January 5, 2015 by Elisha Celeste If you have tight calves (and if you’re ... See more

4 years ago
Fix Your Weak Foundation: Your Ankles

A good foundation is key, yet as athletes we train on stiff and weak ankles. This article will give you screens to assess your mobility and strategies to improve performance in any sport or activity.

4 years ago
7 Easy Ways to Treat Calf Pain and Achilles Tendonitis

I have many clients coming to me with calf pain. Here is a good article on how you can prevent. Have a read. Gluteus strength is so important. ... See more

If you understand how the calves and Achilles tendon contributes to your running stride, you can focus on strengthening these areas to treat and prevent injury. These seven exercises will help ease ... See more

4 years ago

It is Father's Day on Sunday !Why not surprise your father with a gift voucher for a massage.

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4 years ago
It's Not About the Lactic Acid: Why You're Still Sore After Yesterday's Ride

Why do we get muscle soreness the day after a hard workout or a day of serious gardening in the sunshine? This article explains it well.

Lactic acid gets a bad rap. It's blamed for that too-slow sprint, your lame hill climbing, flat tires, locusts and even the sore legs you woke up with this morning. Find out what really makes your ... See more

4 years ago
Align your Pelvis and Get Rid of SI Joint Pain for Good

Really good exercises for your Pelvis

Pilates-Based Techniques for Aligning the Pelvis first, and then Strengthening exercises for the muscles of the Pelvic Girdle to keep it stable. May help wit...

4 years ago
Ballot Entry

I have entered! Anyone want to join me?

Virgin Money London Marathon – Ballot Entry

4 years ago

Preparing for exams is sometimes really stressful for our kids.
A massage may really help them if they suffer from shoulder- , neck pain and headaches. ... See more

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