This week I went to the Ride Studio in Cobham and took part in a class – “Kettlebell Blast”. It was such hard work but great fun!

It is a very efficient way to strengthen your core which, by the way, is not only your abdominals but really everything besides your arms and legs.

Did you know that we use our core in almost every movement we make?

A strong and stable core is therefore important to ensure your movements are strong and pain free.

We also need a strong core in order to keep a good posture which in turn will take stress out of your lower back to prevent lower back pain. And not to forget the core protects the spine and surrounding musculature from injury.

The good thing in a kettlebell training session is that you choose the weight that you are comfortable with so you can train in the same group regardless of ability.

I have to admit, my muscles have been aching loads this week after that session but to me, that is is a good sign I need to do more of it. So tomorrowI I will go back for my second sessions – I can’t wait.

Go and have a Kettlebell session – I can highly recommend it. It is both fun and a great workout!